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frankie_mag's Journal

change is one thing we dont mind.
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why are you reading?

your're dissatisfied with womens magazines. you're a magazine junkie. you're at an airport and you need something to read. you've heard about it and a) you want to see if it is good, b) or bad. you're curious. you like the cover. you need a mag with a little maturity. you found $7.50 in your jeans pocket and you appreciate real value for money. you're drawn to articles that are easy to read and have pretty pictures. you like to be part of something new. you're like us and you're sick of the same old womens magazines formulas. you want a magazine that gets you back to basics, a mag that makes you laugh and makes you think - a mag that relates to you.

welcome to frankie.

frankie is straight-shooting, funny, intelligent and inspiring. frankie celebrates individuality - manifested in their editorial perspectives, design values, fashion coverage and a mindset that allows for an absolutely unique point of view. frankie – change is one thing we don’t mind.

this is the place for readers to discuss frankie, it's articles or whatever floats your boat.